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When looking for a CCTV installation service, you should always seek for a team with dedication, commitment, professionalism and expertise. That is what our team brings with our service to you. We are a Delhi-based CCTV camera installation shop in Gurgaon, providing premium quality CCTV cameras at an affordable price. We understand what you need to acquire the right CCTV equipment that best fits your needs. Once we have that, we provide each client with the best installation service and post-installation customer care. We have thousands of satisfied customers comprising of several universities, IT companies, restaurants, hospitals, residentials and many more.

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Expert in CCTV Service

Are you looking for a security solution service that provides CCTV Camera installation in Gurgaon? We have many years of experience in this field, and we know what you need when it comes to safety and security. We work diligently to provide the best service and post-installation customer care in the Gurgaon area. Our team are expert when it comes to CCTV security services. We ensure the customer gets the best CCTV camera for their office, shop, home, etc. We provide the best service for any place or office space. We ensure hassle-free service and 100% customer satisfaction from consultation, installation, and post-installation care.

25 Years Experience

What We Do

Services We Provide

CCTV For Home

Your home is your fort, and keep it safe and secure with our service at your home. Your safety and security are what we prioritise. From understanding your needs to checking the physical space, we provide state-of-the-art CCTV cameras for comprehensive monitoring and security. All the footage can be accessed via your home computer or mobile phone.

CCTV For Shops

Our CCTV Installation Service in Gurgaon will monitor every angle of your shop. You can watch the CCTV footage live from the comfort of your home and via your phone anytime. You will not have to worry about getting robbed when people see the red light of our CCTV cameras.

CCTV For Office

Keep your office safe with our high-end CCTV Camera in Gurgaon. We ensure every part of the office is under surveillance and everything is hooked up to one outlet. With high-end cameras and 24x7 customer care, you won't have to worry about your office space. So hire GuliWeb, If you are looking for CCTV Company.

CCTV For Govt

We have completed more than 200 projects for Haryana Govt. If you are looking CCTV Company for Govt. Projects then hire GuliWeb. We provide free AMC for 5 years with our cctv services. In Gurgaon MCG, We have delivered 10 projects in last 2 years.

CCTV For Factory

All your equipment will be under surveillance with our best-quality service. With our high-quality CCTV camera, you can be sure that every moment will be recorded and kept safely on your system's hard drive for future viewing. Book your appointment for CCTV Company For Factory in gurgaon.

CCTV For Warehouse

 Keep all your inventory in your warehouse safe from prying eyes with our service. No matter how large, every inch of your warehouse will be under surveillance to keep trespassers out. With state-of-the-art equipment, motion sensors, night mode, etc.


Benefits With Us

You must wonder why you should choose our CCTV installation service in Gurgaon. The following are the benefits you will be getting from the best CCTV Camera installation company in Gurgaon.

24*7 Support

Camera malfunction or software issues can strike at any time. We are not a company that leaves after the installation service is done. We have 24x7 customer support that ensures all your queries and issues are solved around the clock. Failure to fix a problem puts a customer at risk, which is something we avoid. Your safety is our priority.

Experienced Staff

One of the aspects of our company that we take pride in is our professional staff. Our members know everything there is to know about CCTV Cameras and the installation service. They also know everything there is about the equipment. They ensure that the customer gets the proper security solution they are looking for. Our team knows where to place the CCTV cameras to ensure security and protection for your office, shops, warehouse, home, etc.

One Day Installation

When you enquire at our platform and finalise a product, we provide a one-day installation. We know that every passing day a crime is committed, so keeping our customer's safety in mind, our service takes only one day. Visit our shop for a consultation on your needs and services, and by the end of the day, you'll have your CCTV security system up and running.

Best Equipments

Regarding surveillance, we know our services are only as good as the equipment we use. We provide every customer with the best equipment in the market. Our installation service in Gurgaon delivers clients with the best cameras, cables, mounting ports and much more. Our team uses the best equipment so that you get the best safety.

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Happy Client Says About Our Company

I highly recommend GuliWeb if anyone is looking CCTV Installation Company in Gurgaon. I hired them 2 years before for the installation CCTV at our new mall in Manesar, I was worried about their service but Guliweb's professional team fullfilled our requirements.

Rohit Kumar

M3M - Real Estate

Asked Question

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Depending on the current market, the best company for CCTV cameras is Guliweb. This company is known for its top-quality cameras and customer-friendly services. Apart from this, companies such as Sanyo, Sony, Panasonic, and Hikvision are also good. While buying CCTV cameras, you must always go for the best one.

There are different types of CCTV cameras available in the market. Among them, the best are Day/Night CCTV, HD CCTV, C-Mount CCTV, Dome CCTV, Wireless CCTV and so on. However, the goodness of these cameras depends on the place you are installing them. So, first, determine the area you want to install them, whether it’s your home or office, and then decide which camera is best for you.

You can monitor your store and your child from remote places. One can easily keep a record of what is happening in the area where it’s installed. Most importantly, it’s very beneficial for investigating any crime. People always think twice before doing anything wrong when they see a CCTV camera. So, all over, it’s very helpful for our peace of mind.

Yes, you can definitely connect your CCTV camera to your phone. There are various android and iOS applications that you can use to connect. However, it depends on whether your CCTV camera has that feature. With the advancement of technology, you can connect and control some of the high-quality CCTV cameras.

Yes, you can have CCTV without WIFI. There are lots of cameras in the market, like Reolink, Divine Eagle Mini Spy, Defender PHOENIXM2 etc., that are wireless. The surveillance monitoring or recording works perfectly with or without a WIFI connection. So, you can definitely have a wireless CCTV camera without WIFI.

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