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All legal matters about adoption, divorce, child custody, prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, maintenance and alimony, paternity, family conflicts, and dowry prevention fall under the practice area of family law. Family lawyers in Gurgaon handle all family or personal law issues and offer legal solutions for married life. Guli Web attorneys put in much effort on behalf of each client, developing tailored plans that produce the best outcomes with the least amount of courtroom time necessary and utilizing cutting-edge legal technology to deliver efficiency and cost-effectiveness in addition to excellent legal representation.

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Experienced Divorce Lawyer In Gurgaon

We are fully aware that going to court may occasionally be stressful. We are committed to speaking a language that you can comprehend because of this. Contact a divorce lawyer in Gurgaon if you need clarification on your alternatives, and we’ll work together to find a solution.


Our initial step is collaborating with our customers, comprehending their problems, and developing a strategy to achieve the desired outcome.


We believe in collaborating with our clients to find the route to success by using our expertise in the law and their comprehension of the situation. Working closely with your company’s legal staff will result in the most excellent advice.

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We have handled many divorce-related situations with the seriousness and deference you would anticipate from a close friend and dependable business associate. In child custody disputes, we have defended clients.


Our key priorities have always been data security and customer privacy. Additionally, we value our clients’ time and respect them for it.


We are committed to providing a disciplined and varied range of legal assistance and guaranteeing the swift completion of work thanks to our years of experience. You would expect the same dedication and focus from a trusted friend and business associate.

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Guli Web has handled family law cases effectively and is regarded as the Best Divorce Lawyer in Gurgaon. The company promises excellent emotional and mental assistance throughout your most challenging period. One of the best family lawyer in Gurgaon that has settled complex cases with grace and perfection. To profit from our expert knowledge and wealth of experience, we provides our clients individualized attention and rapid responses.

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This depends on the case's complexity and which family lawyer in Gurugram you want to hire. Typically the cost starts from Rs 10000 and can go up to Rs 1lakh.

The divorced couple submits a joint divorce petition to the court via a lawyer. They can retain legal counsel and give him all pertinent information. An attorney will submit a petition to the judge.

Both parties must mutually decide on an amicable breakup. Then, as per the Hindu marriage act, they can be called divorce.

divorce lawyer in Gurgaon also provides free advice, but you need to look for them. Also, you can discuss the budget with your lawyer, and he can modify his fee for you.

Yes, it is required. You need to discuss the scenario with a divorce lawyer in Gurgaon for further details.

It depends on your state and whether the government permits this. In certain places, a formal separation will have a deadline set by the court.